Jeff Vespa- #14

So I had this dream last night with lots of crazy things happening but randomly throughout people kept saying, “Talk to Jeff.” or, “Did u find Jeff?” I swear I woke up and thought I was going to meet someone named Jeff- I’ve been having really intuititive and even lucid dreams lately. Call me kooky, I know. It wasn’t until now that I put it […]


#15-My Beverly Hills Cab Driver

Yesterday night, taxi-ing my way to the Covergirl party, I hung up from chatting with Alana about my upcoming trip to El Salvador and my cabbie said, “Are you serious? I mean. are you really, seriously this happy all the time? You laugh and smile more than anyone I’ve ever met…and I have at least 25 new people in my cab a day.” I started […]


Inspiring #16 Liz

Liz Gemmill kicked my butt into gear for 2011… Liz is a subtle inspiration. Why? Liz, being the friend I’ve known LONGEST in LA – we met interning at Conan O’Brian 10 years ago – well she just knew I needed a workout plan this year. Liz was not privy to the fact that I ate pizza and pasta and nachos with Alina yesterday nor […]


Sh*t My Grandma Says – #17

It’s a Wonderful life with Grandma Banicki 5 reasons I want to be like Grandma…..exemplified this Christmas: 1. Grandma makes you feel good. I walked through Mom and Dad’s door – home for the holiday, no makeup, and bloated from the plane.  “Angela, oh my gosh. You look so pretty. You’ve lost weight. You’re so thin!” 2. She enjoys and appreciates life. “Oh kids, your […]


30/30/30 Eliza Dushku’s Birthday Wish for her Mom!

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Adam Banicki-#18

Adam Banicki is master #18 -the Doc Master. Adam is the littlest Banicki and yet the biggest too. 24 years young, Adam stands at 6’4. Spending the last three days with Adam, I’ve noticed that we seem to be reversing roles at an alarming rate. I was always the workaholic nerd of the family: Geek. Book reader. Salutatorian. Teacher’s Pet. Ok, that may be going too […]


Amaury Nolasco is #19

Amaury is 19th master of my happy. Amaury makes me happy like a teenager. Wanna know how I know this? I woke up after seeing Amaury one night, and I had 10 photos of him in my camera. Amaury has been filming a show in Dallas. I know someone makes me happy if I keep wanting to take pictures of them. My blackberry is full of […]


#20- Clean it up Cilia

#20 Cilia and her helpers are masters of clean! JJ Banicki once told me, “Angie.. clean it up, and get rid of the clutter. A cluttered house means a cluttered mind.” I’ve been working on the clean to help clear my mind for writing! Cilia cleans in Angie time  meaning I can text her at midnight- “Cilia! I need one of your helpers soon! Maybe […]


#21 – Ladies of Contempo

“Manicure Pedicure?” I missed the sound of Diane’s voice saying those words over and over as customers walk into Contempo Nails. I used to be a Contempo regular. I love it there because Diane, the owner, remembers me. I can spontaneously show up, and she makes me feel like I’m the most important person there. As I watch her, I see she does this with […]


#22- Joy Highlights

Joy does my highlights at the Alex Roldan Salon in the London Hotel in West Hollywood. She adds a bit of joy to my dirty blond hair. Every time I leave her, I tell her I feel cleaner:) Joy was my inspiration today. She is probably 80 lbs, 60 or so years old, and wears her blond hair in two mini pigtail buns….always. Today Joy had […]


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