Helicopter/Camille Guaty moment

Not only was Camille Guaty the reason I was on the island of St Lucia (Camille Guaty became Camille Kaye this weekend), but she also gave us the incredible idea to take a helicopter ride to the airport! Rather than squeeze into a sweaty, odd-smelling cab for an hour long ride with a crazy St […]

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Andrea Colognoli Moment

Here’s what happens when 30 before 30 went from Angie to Andrea….. Destination: Europe Inspiration: Andrea Colognoli documents his 30 days around Europe. And the story goes… To understand the story, take a look at the first email I received on asmallworld last November….. ————————————————————————————————– Hi Angie, How are you?A friend from LA talked to […]

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Chelsea Handler moment: “Camille Guaty, “Go see Chelsea’s show when she goes down under!””

After finding out that I had surprise backstage meet-and-greet with Pearl Jam that I missed due to flight miscommunications (well we’ll call them that!), I wasn’t about to miss Chelsea and Chuey too! So when I arrived at destination Fox, 25 minutes late and found out I was at the wrong studio, nothing was stopping me from finding a way across town.

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