Yvonne Strahovski moment: “Go to GOVINDAS, a weird & awesome movie room where u lay on cushions to watch movies and before u see the movie, u eat vegetarian Hindu food. Its rad!”
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Yvonne Strahovski moment: “Go to GOVINDAS, a weird & awesome movie room where u lay on cushions to watch movies and before u see the movie, u eat vegetarian Hindu food. Its rad!”


Destination: Govindas, Sydney

Inspiration: Aussie actress and star of CHUCK, Yvonne Strahovski:  “Go to GOVINDAS, a weird and awesome movie room where you lay down on cushions to watch movies and before you see the movie, you eat vegetarian Hindu food cooked by the Hindus. Its rad! 112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.”

Actualization: The first time I tried to make this moment, I got lost in the city walking everywhere BUT the actual street Govindas was on. I’ve realized , and this is NO EXAGGERATION, the Aussies always WANT to help but literally 9 times out of 10 make up the answer to your question and HOPE that they might be right. Not kidding. It’s happened at least 27 times now.

ME: “Is the garden up on this street?”
Aussie:“Oh yes of course walk that way, turn right and it’s right in front of you.”

ME: “Do you know which way to Bill’s?
Aussie: “Of course mate, that’s easy. Just turn up here and you’ll see it 4 blocks ahead.”
ME: “Oh my gosh thank you for helping!”
Aussie: “No worries love.”

On Govinda’s attempt #2, I was tipsy and I scored. Dragging along my friend Megan Pope, I was lucky she was just as tipsy and hungry as me. We basically inhaled the vegetarian buffet. Reminder to self, don’t expect to day drink and then control food intake (and definitely don’t go to a buffet). I sampled everything laid out while Megan tried to determine if any of the drinks on the menu had alcohol in them. Three tofu helpings in and I asked Megan, born with that adorable Australian sweet nature, if she was sure she didn’t want to stay and watch the movie with me and she said, “Angie, I mean if they at least had wine!” I LOVE HER. I felt a bit of the same. Wrong night for a movie.


Until I made it into the theater….and then for the next two hours was completely taken away with the story of Coco Chanel. I didn’t realize how much I was craving alone time as well and then getting to watch a movie in pillows with a full tummy after my early drinking WAS A DREAM COME TRUE…nope I didn’t fall asleep. If you remember, I had a daytime nap at my afternoon facial in between drinks. The theater seemed to provide a good mix of independent films with a few mainstream ones thrown in. Coco was one of those movies you really want to see, but unless someone ropes you into the theater, you talk about it forever and 5 years later find it on a plane and finally see it. Well this time I was trapped into seeing it and honestly could not have had a better night. I also love a good French film and the subtitles didn’t allow me to lose focus for a second. The red pillows and dinner/movie aspect made Govindas a great date spot, but I think if I lived in Australia I’d make it my secret escape haven :).


I left the theater having had a good cry and ready to hit the sack before my 6am flight to Brisbane for what became my PINEAPPLE EXPRESS MOMENT.

Realization: Force yourself to experience the things you wouldn’t normally get excited. An unconventional day brings an unconventional happy feeling.

Your Moment:

Yvonne Strahovski


Yvonne’s email of suggestions (PS how great is she for putting in locations? Bonus points Yvonne!):



You can always go to the awesome POOL CAFE in MAROUBRA where I used to earn 12 dollars an hour 🙂 its a nice spot high on a hill overlooking ocean and at this time of year, I think, u will prob see the whales travelling north. Erm… All my recommendations are not fancy, coz when I lived in australia I wasn’t as fancy as I am now :).

  • Go to GOVINDAS, a wierd and awesome movie room where u lay down on cushions to watch movies and before u see the movie, u eat vegetarian Hindu food cooked by the hindus. Its rad! 112 darlinghurst rd, darlinghurst NSW 2010
  • Close by, same street bit further down is a joint called UNAS. U must MUST have the Jaeger schnitzel. 338-340 victoria st, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
  • DEF go to BONDI ICEBERGS. On the south cliff end of bondi beach. Gorgeous!!!
  • And go to the OPERA BAR at circular quay in the city. Its got great views of city, beautiful during a sunny day.
  • Do the whole walk around circular quay in fact.
  • Speaking of walks, Bondi to Bronte coastal walk is a MUST. If u do anything-its this.
  • Crown street in Surry hills offers some cool vibe and good food too.
  • And the garlic and fetta bread at Well Connected (a cafe in Glebe) was my FAVE FAVE treat ever!!!! If they still make it.
  • And if u don’t see the blue mountains ur crazy.
  • WENTWORTH FALLS in the blue mnts has a small shop lined street and a train station. There, u will find a german bakery with cakes and coffee. Get in early and have the scones and jam with an earl grey tea or hot choc. MmmMMMMM!!!!!!!

And aussie land makes the best coffees and hot chocs….



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