Bonnie Sommerville Moment
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Bonnie Sommerville Moment

“You have to go to Paros Island my absolute fave. So beautiful and small and the best restaurants along the wharf-any of them will do.”  ~Bonnie

My most important Moment of the day!! 🙂

Restaurant on Wharf of

ParosElaea(olive tree)

Written on menu-
This tree appeared on earth 3 million years ago.
By the mythology the tree was planted by the goddess Athena in the Acropolis and it became the holy tree of Athens.
In ancient Greece it was worshipped as the symbol of wisdom, peace, and euphoria.  Since then it is the pride of the Greek earth.
In our restaurant ‘Elaea’ we choose to cook only with the seed of the holy tree…..

Thanks Bonnie!!

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