#27 – Zachary Levi
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#27 – Zachary Levi

Zach and me at my 29th Bday

#27 goes to Zachary Levi AKA Tangled’s Prince Charming

I had the pleasure of going to the Disney Lot Saturday evening with Kristi Korzec for a special pre-screening of Tangled arranged for Zachary Levi’s friends and family.

Zach is a perfect example of someone who works hard, is loyal to those around him,has been patient and it’s all paid off – he’s not only starring on the successful NBC show – Chuck, he got to be a voice for a Disney movie!

Below are some clips from the film.


It had what you want from every Disney movie – romance, song and dance, a drunken cupid, AND it was 3D!

Zach as Flynn Rider won’t disappoint!  I was rooting for both:)

Kristi and I didnt leave the lot without a few pics with some Disney staples….

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