Andy Samberg: “Never been. Have the beer?”
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Andy Samberg: “Never been. Have the beer?”


Destination: Supercross Races to have beer outside the city

Inspiration: Andy Samberg: “Never been. Have the beer?”

Actualization: It’s Saturday Night….Live here in Sydney. It’s down to two pure blondes…premium lager. Pure-Blonde-BottleBeer in Australia tastes good. Janae and I drank beer pre-Super Cross Australasian races. Janae had arranged for a meet and greet with me and Jeremy Mcgrath, a star in the world of supercross. He took pictures and told us about touring and riding his motorbike all over the world. I knew nothing about the sport till that day….but I do like to think that Jeremy’s second place win later felt, in a little way like an Aussie present for me. We decided to retire early this evening, but before we even made it home some sort of bug set in. I tell you this only because of what came next…as soon as we got home I was bent over the toilet…kinda like when they say hugging the seat and I hear a boys voice outside my window saying, “Hey there. Hi. You okay? Hey.”

Barely lifting my head, I mumble yes. Janae from the bedroom begins yelling to him “Get out of here!”.

All this over the club music pounding from one of the four bars below us. The kid doesn’t give up and reaches in through the cracked window making a larger opening, so he can stick his head through. Picture the tall, pasty dude from Knotting Hill, the one who runs around in his tighty whities.
The kid then has the audacity to yell: “Are you sure you’re okay? I have a somewhat inappropriate question but…. can I borrow your laptop for my friend?”

I’ve learned Australians don’t control what comes out of their mouth even if they have to apologize later, kiss your hand, or deal with consequences. They can’t think ahead. Too weak to laugh or yell, I just don’t answer. He repeats. Finally Janae yells “get out of here idiot.” We laughed and cried after that one…at least we had a funny story, but both felt miserable and were already going through possible diagnosis; swine flu, beer allergies, bad fish?

Realization: Saturday nights should be kept for watching SNL. Take a break when you need it especially when traveling!

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