Australia: Best of the Rest
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Australia: Best of the Rest


Destination: V Australia

Inspiration: V Australia finally takes me home….I changed my flight 4 times before finally heading back to Los Angeles!   I was incredibly lucky to fly in style…First Class since I had worked an event for V last year. A full bar, bed for a seat, and enough movies to fly around the world twice, I was in heaven for my 13 hour trip.

Actualization: BEST OF THE REST: PART 1

I used my flight time to gather moments to share.
Below is a sampling of some inspiring and outrageously fun tips I was dying to experience but couldn’t since I ran out of time and money this trip!

If you go to OZ you should try these and just don’t pick up the Aussie mumble!
Just throw on your sunnies, put on your summer feet and get amongst it. Cheers mate!

Jason Dundas 

Aussie TV Presenter/ Actor, Jason Dundas:
‘Lay under the stars by the rock’
Experience true Australian magic at the Longitude 131 hotel.


Gavin Degraw:
Rent a Subaru and drive the Outback!

Tyson Beckford

TV Host and Model Tyson Beckford:

Go to a lil club called ssssh.

Rocco Dispirito

Celebrity Chef Rocco Dispirito:
God I wish I had my own experience to share with you but Australia is still on my to do list as well! Sounds like its gonna be fun no matter what! Oh and I’m a diver, I say try it.  Its a life altering experience.  Australia has legendary reefs for 100’s of miles.  Maybe reconsider?

Robin GarvickProducer and Stylist Robin Garvick:
Dinner at North Bondi Italian. (Order the Blood Orange and Vodka)
The markets are incredible on Sat and Sundays
Go to Ruby Rabbit if it is still there, go upstairs. Be sure to check out the bathroom. It’s my favorite place to pee on the planet*

Veev’s Kasey Blaustein:
You have to camp out on Fraiser Island. I went in ’04 with some friends and our car broke down. You have to get your car above a certain point on the beach by a certain time of the day or else water can creep into the car and you’re screwed. Anyways we had to contact the only auto mechanic on the island who was certifiably insane. No joke. We had to go to his house, he yelled at himself, his place was like a scene from Hoarders. He actually grabbed a camera out of my friend’s hand and threw it on the floor when she went to take a picture of it all. He couldn’t fix our car so we had to stay at his house OR sleep outside unprotected to be eaten by dingos. I was very close to sleeping with the dingos. He had scratched out all the faces of women in the magazines in his house and had really dirty utensils and it was straight out of a horror film. We all slept in one bed with his kitchen knives under the pillow.  Needless the say we made it out alive but I had another friend that had a run in with him too and at that point he had a camel living in his back yard. I dare you to find him, give him a visit and even stay a night in his guest house. He’s the only auto mechanic on the island. Good luck and bring pepper spray!

Charley Walters
If you want to go straight to airlie, catch a cheap flight up to Cairns and drive DOWN from there… but first go to another place called “Cape Tribulation” (they call it “cape trib”) which is the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen in my life (seriously, its where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef) – either way you will want to fly one way, it takes too long to drive both ways.  You can also take a bus called McGafferty’s which stops at all the best places, and you can get on/get off when ever you choose- as I’m sure you’ve already learned there the attitude is always “no worries” and it seems there are barely any laws!

Realization: As hard as sharing can be, it usually ends up being more rewarding than keeping something for yourself!  Don’t be a monkey – prove me right and go see the wizard behind the curtain of OZ!

Your Moment:
V Australia

Longitude 131 Hotel


North Bondi Italian



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