Cade Hudson Moment
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Cade Hudson Moment

Former Jet Jim Hudson
Destination: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego California

Inspiration: Cade Hudson “Wanna go watch football? My Dad got me tickets to see the New York Jets vs San Diego Chargers Playoff game!”

Actualization: Who needs the Golden Globes when you can sit with 70,000 die-hard football fans…and probably 75 percent of them competitive dudes? The 2.5 hour drive went by in a flash with Cade entertaining.  We ordered from a local drive-up, ate churros and sang Britney Spears…I also learned Cade did a sick Selena impression.

Katharine McPhee killed it singing the Star Spangled banner.  I got the chills.  Made me want to throw on the mascot suit and charge the field like I was back at Northwestern with all the drunk fans.

Willie the Wildcat

Cade and I were pleasantly surprised when they sent us to the “special circumstances elevator” to head to our seats.  We found our seats in the pressbox. Thanks Dad! Former Jet Jim Hudson apparently scored us the seats through his friend at the Chargers so we were green in a sea of blue!  We drank beer and cheered on.  The Charger fans around us didn’t find any humor in our green outfits…except for the two dudes to my right who were told to hide their true (green colors) under the blue!

So Cade and I did what we do best…we socialized.  We visited Katharine McPhee in her suite and then Matt Nordgren who was watching with a group of older men who seemed to LIVE for SUNDAY FOOTBALL.

Realization: I was reminded of a good lesson for 2010 – Not drinking is kind of amazing when everyone else around you is getting drunk.  I loved bonding time on the drive with Cade and Sunday Football is still a Sunday Funday with or without the booze.

Katharine NcPhee, Jim Hudson, Willie the Willdcat, Matt Nortdgren

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