Keyshawn Johnson moment: “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”
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Keyshawn Johnson moment: “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”

Inspiration: Keyshawn Johnson, “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”

Destination: R + D Restaurant

So the story goes….
Janae called me and said we are going to din with Keyshawn. It’ll be hilarious.
I knew Keyshawn was famous in the sports world but I wasn’t quite sure how…..oops.

My friend Carly texted me, “I love your life! Have fun with Keyshawn. He spoke to my class at USC once!”

This is what I found on wikipedia:

‘Joseph Keyshawn Johnson (born on July 22, 1972 in Los Angeles, California) is a former American football wide receiver, interior designer, business executive, author and current television broadcaster for sports channel ESPN.’

The mascot in me was doing backflips inside. I was excited to share this moment with Janae.

The thing about Miss Twisselman is that she brings out the best in everyone. When I said, “Janae we aren’t going to have to stay long, are we? (I was antsy to have some of my Sunday night for Angie time.) Janae just looked at me and laughed. “Don’t worry Ang. It wont be long. I’m with you.”

Little did I know what I was getting into.

Keyshawn was an entertaining dinner guest….to say the least . He obviously adores Janae and after they worked on a project together they have a great repoire. He made me work to get that kid like smile out though. Thank god his friend Skeet was there to ease the tension as I tried to break through Keyshawn’s Ironman layer.

With Janae though, Keyshawn pushes and teases her for being a publicist but you can tell he respects her. He doesn’t have his own publicist though. He likes to control all of that himself and although he’s quite the public persona,  he prefers to keep his personal life private.  I was surprised to hear some of the other business ventures that Keyshawn is involved in. “I don’t need other people knowing about that though. You girls already know too much.” He says with a big grin.

We laughed a lot and without even realizing it – closed down the restaurant!

Check! Check off another inspiration.

After those 4 hours, it made sense that Keyshawn inspired Janae. He’s got vision. He’s a businessman. He’s smart. And after meeting him, he’s no doubt a character.

Take this –

I found this Keyshawn quote that made me like him even more:

“This is what matters to me, Not all the big numbers, the fancy statistics. I want to make the plays that count.”

Janae makes the plays that count. She always makes the people around her enjoy and live in the moment. When life is tough, I’m going to remind myself to make the plays count like Keyshawn and Janae.

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