Adonis Hernandez moment: “Do you need a ride home?”
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Adonis Hernandez moment: “Do you need a ride home?”

Adonis Hernandez moment: “Do you need a ride home?”

We don’t always think about it but we rely on our late night cab driver for a lot: locate stop for snacks, locate the after party, locate home and get us there safely even if we are dozing off, and in the case of Friday night – help us locate important belongings.

Why is my moment from a cab driver?  Park it back to Monday.

Monday 4pm I tweet:   It’s very possible that i HAD the worst technology karma on the planet – today we reincarnated it. my computer has a new soul.

Thursday 12pm convo: Angie to Michael who lost blackberry: “I used to lose my BlackBerry every two weeks. I never lose my BlackBerry anymore.”

Friday 11pm -approximately – crash and burn: I lost my BlackBerry

Saturday: I wake up to a broken in window and the reminder that keys and purse and atm are with BlackBerry….yet it never occurred to me to go buy a new one or set up an old phone.

Instead I tried to seek out the positive –

1: I looked down to see on my wrist a band with You Matter on it. I don’t remember putting it on but it felt like a sign that somehow all would work out.

2: I finished the book I’d been reading – And The Heart Says Whatever. Throughout the day in the minutes that I usually used to bbm, read emails and twitter, I instead held my book and read pages here and there and everywhere. I read that book at the gym, at a stoplight in the car, even while eating lunch at the bar (Ok not at the bar).

3:  At 3:30pm, I opened my laptop to find this email from Rachel Krupa (my cohort Friday night):

“Actually Angie you left your purse in a cab and I just spoke with the driver and he’s going to bring it to me around 6pm when he starts work. He has everything….keys, bag, phone and he said he tried to Facebook you. He was super sweet. No need to worry any longer and call off the search crew”.

4. Then this facebook message from an Adonis Hernandez:

“Angie this is you driver from Al’s limousine please call me at (818) 967-8270 I have something that belongs to you”.

5. 5 hours later Adonis, as promised, drives over to Ali’s bbq with my BlackBerry!  Who is this guy? That’s what everyone at the bbq says as I tell the story.  Again I am shocked at my luck as everyone in the room, even Ellen who I’d just met, offers to chip in money to give the man for his kindness.  Rachel and I went down to make the exchange and the sweet driver handed over the BlackBerry – the item that I realize I spend more time with than anyone or anything in the world. Eek – maybe work on that…

I held out the stack of bills but he shook his head. He just said “Please use my service and maybe tell your friends. That’s all I ask.” After going back and forth Rachel said, “Sir if you don’t take the money she’s going to cry.”


My Road Signs:

Yield. The universe will show you that you’re not invincible – so watch it when you say “I won’t lose a BlackBerry”. Oh it can happen but karma isn’t always a bitch.

One Way. You can’t lose if you experience the Adonis moment and if you do lose, he’ll help you find it.

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