20 Questions
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20 Questions

Night 20 was 20 questions about who and how to get into Seth MacFarlane‘s big bash at his house!

And I know Alana Kleiman(challenger of my 30 nights) so I got an early invite to the funniest party of the year!

We danced, some gambled, some sang(Frank Sinatra Jr for one!), but i think we all drank!

It was that kind of night when everyone just had a good time.  Fine maybe I cried a little- I just didnt want the night to end:)

All my friends were there and some of my favorite celebrities – David Arquette, Aziz Ansari, Rumer Willis, Stephen Dorff(yes all grown up Stephen!)

PS That’s me and the OLD SPICE GUY!


The picture we tried to take with Seth!