Night 25
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Night 25

5 times 5 is staying alive….and awake!
I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately and wanted to cuddle up in bed wednesday night too but had already planned an Angie Banicki Presents Dinner at Soho House.
These are my favorite things to do and it has been way too long since I “presented”.
These are dinners where I invite 8-12 people who have never met(usually a few know each other but I try)
This cast of characters made me happy to be out of bed!

Keith Britton – – I dont get to see Keith enough and he’s got that always thinking always working and always going personality. He’s engaged to themost beautiful woman in the world. She’s filming in Paris.

Janae Twisselman – My favorite travel pal who’s name I can’t say without smiling. She is ALWAYS laughing!
Nino – Janae’s pal. Nino seemed quiet but by the end of dinner I realized he’s got a lot on his mind….he’s working on a whole lot of freakin cool projects

Jessica Paster – Celebrity stylist and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

AJ Dipersia – A romantic who woos woman and always seems to have found true love.Well read and probably one of the best dinner guests you could have.

Alexis Jones – Stunning. Inspiring. Tall. Vivacious. Lives life to the fullest. She isTHAT GIRL! Her texan accent speaks words with mystical power.

I can’t share what happened at dinner.  You’ll just have to find out when you get invited for the presentation.d

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