Sweet 16
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Sweet 16

Sweet 16!

On my 16th night I traveled a Virgin… errr on Virgin back to LaLa Land!

At the airport I watched as one passenger with a bodyguard signed autographs in his sweats….perhaps a famed athlete or rapper?

In line to board we debated IPhone vs BlackBerry and my super sleuth radar discovered the tattoo bearing his name – JA RULE

Ja Rule inspired a writing night for that trip back as I turned on my ITunes and typed away to…….

Between Me and You
Im Real (Murder Remix)
Always on Time
Put it on me

When in doubt look for the tattoo –

-Christina Aguilera- XTINA
Laila Ali- LAILA ALI
Pamela Anderson- MOMMY on her finger (kinda works.. )
Adam Ant- ADAM on his left shoulder
Christina Applegate- an image of an Apple tattooed

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