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Night 27 – Part Deux

I took the mystic path over to On The Rox with Jen Birn for part 2.  She can fill you in…..

Last night was one of those nights that I just didn’t want to leave the comfort of my cozy couch. Curled up reading the last of the Sunday paper on a cold and rainy Sunday I strongly considered bailing on my amazing friend Chelsea’s going away soiree. But, as I was a cheerleader to have the leaving LA get together, my conscious, and my friend Angie that was feeling the same way, got the best of me. So, I threw on jeans and a hat and headed to On the Rox, a lounge above The Roxy Theatre on Sunset.

I’d only previously been to the intimate lounge a couple of times before, preceding or following a show downstairs, so thought I was just in for a mellow night – more specifically, one glass of wine and then home by midnight. But, like most nights that begin without expectations, this one was more fun and full of surprises than expected……


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