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Night 27

I bought this photo, MYSTIC ROAD, at a charity event a few weeks ago.  The photographer I did not know but the words and the photo touched me.

After researching the man behind the lens – Robert Zuckerman, I knew I had to meet him. And on Sunday night I was in dire need of inspiration. I felt a bit bummed but forced myself out in the rain and to Santa Monica to the Edgemar Art Gallery where 20 of Robert’s photos were being displayed. The art gallery held photos of celebrities Robert has photoed throughout the years – Will Smith Brittany Murphy, Kevin Dillon Kate Winslet among them.  I was so excited and nervous to meet Robert, I forgot about my emotional state.

Everyone in that gallery seemed to gravitate to Robert.  He was just so kind and welcoming.  He shared stories with everyone who approached him. In our brief intro, he told me how excited he was that i had made the donation and chosen his photo.  I told him he was my inspiration.

Later I found myself chatting with Perry, who worked at the Gallery.  He told me his story of quitting his fasttrack career in Ohio at 30 to move to Los Angeles to do what he really wanted to do.  Now 2 years later he wouldnt think of going back. His story was another reminder to me that so many people make big changes at 30 and the journey continues.

Before I could say goodbye, Robert asked if I wanted to see his book.  I was so touched that he had brought it up and after reading the first two pages, I had to get it.  Amazon delivered to me today!

TIP OF THE MOMENT: When you are bummed, find someone who inspires you and read their quotes, find out their story, maybe even meet them – you’ll find that they probably had troubled times and you’ll see where it took them and how they turned out. It’s guaranteed to boost your spirits – whether you think – WOW LOOK HOW RAD THEY TURNED OUT…..or MAN  IT COULD BE WORSE -just kidding:)

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