BlackBerry Paul Moment
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BlackBerry Paul Moment

Destination: First Annual Data Awards, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA

Inspiration: BlackBerry Paul invites me to attend the pre-grammy event hosted by Will I. am and BlackBerry.


9:00pm – Palladium parking lot is packed out front with celebrities walking the red carpet, fans trying to sneak in, and security/party throwers lining the premise.

9:10pm – Paul sends staff to grab me. A tall man yells “Angie Banicki where are you?” I make it to the front and he says “wait are you Adam Banicki’s sister?” That was a first (Adam’s the baby bro!) Ends up Adam’s old boss Kevin Frazier does daily dips for DipDive(Will’s site)  He was interviewing the talent. Those in attendance ranged from P Diddy and John Legend to Oscar de la Huerta to Ryan Kwanten.

9:45pm – DJ Vice is spinning. Paul, VP of Brand Creative at RIM(Research in Motion), entertains in the VIP section.  I know I’m not alone when I say my BlackBerry is probably one of my most treasured items and when I get to go behind the scenes with BlackBerry it’s even more of a treasure. I found out there’s some pretty cool music stuff in store for our future blackberry devices!

10:00pm – Kelis takes over the spin tables. Will. I. Am, in his flashy gray suit and vest hits the suite to come show off the BBs he’s been designing. Meanwhile the DJ is blasting and the music vibrates through to the tips of our toes.

11:00pm – David Guetta DJs(you’re a sexy b+*ch that’s how I know him!)  The palladium packs in and we enjoy our private viewing from the suite. Our entertainment continues as Will’s BEP counterparts pop by revved up for their performance.

12:00am – 1:00am – The Black Eyed Peas go on. Celebrities and guests rocked out.
Realization: Technology will always be advancing and creating the next best thing but music no matter what shape or form will always make me happy. Who can even imagine what BlackBerry is creating…it’s already music to my ears!

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