Teri Hatcher Moment
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Teri Hatcher Moment


Pepsi Refresh Cafe
8403 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Inspiration: Teri Hatcher: “I’m bringing surprises for egg decorating!  See you at the Cafe.”


As I finish up The Happiness Project I must pass along one more inspirational happiness tip.  “Spend out” is one of Gretchen Rubin’s personal commandments and says that we should be generous and give back.  And that’s exactly what I got to see celebrities do last week at the Refresh Cafe.

Teri Hatcher spent out and gave back extra when she arrived with her surprise!  Not only did she give up her time to come decorate eggs for charity, she showed up with 4 eggs of her own already dressed in costume, adorned with yarn as hair and designed like the 4 stars of Desperate Housewives! Teri spent time and energy for a great cause and then also used the egg decorating project to spend quality time with her daughter.  I love seeing overachievers at work and Teri’s eggs were definitely the work of an overachiever and someone who spent out!

If you have a great idea and way you’d like to spend out for a good cause, go to Pepsi’s Refresh Everything website and apply for a grant!  Pepsi is giving away $2 million dollars a month to fund great ideas!

Or if you want to give back and bid on the eggs that were decorated by celebrities for their charities go to www.clothesoffourback.org My favorite was David Arquette’s egg – but you know I’m partial:) David Arquette Moment!

Happy day after Easter!  I hope you didn’t spend out like I did yesterday when I gave up half my head of hair to a drunken hairdresser!

Photo courtesy of Rachel Krupa

Realization:  Do something to boost your happiness this week and donate to charity. My recommendation is the Children’s Hospital in Boston – www.childrenshospital.org Maybe you’ll even get a little wealthier from it too!  Arthur C. Brooks’s article in the November Portfolio magazine, Giving Makes You Rich presents analysis showing that people who give money to charity end up wealthier than those who don’t give to charity.

Your Moment:

Go Donate!





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