Blake Mycoskie Moment
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Blake Mycoskie Moment

Destination: One Day Without Shoes Event, Venice, CA

Inspiration: Blake Mycoskie, Founder TOMS Shoes, I want to invite you to join me for a gathering of my closest friends to celebrate One Day Without Shoes on Thursday, April 8th. “

As you know….. One Day Without Shoes is a day each year that we walk barefoot to spread awareness about the impact a pair of shoes can have on the lives of so many children who grow up without them.  each year it’s incredibly powerful to see the outpouring of support, as more and more people join us in our barefoot walks and events around the world.  this year, i’d love to share this moment with you in an intimate setting, just for close friends on abbot kinney in venice.  we will be getting together at AXE restaurant on the back patio (1009 abbot kinney blvd) at 3:30.  there will be wine and a short presentation about the work TOMS is doing throughout the world, by yours truly.  we will then walk barefoot for 3 blocks along abbot kinney to my sisters store Aviator Nation, where a party with music, festivities and of course more refreshments will await us.  i look forward to seeing you then.

Actualization: Did you go barefoot April 8th?  Have you ever gone barefoot for the day?  I highly recommend it!

I took my barefoot drive down to venice and then walked the streets in search of TOMS.  This is how i found the place –

Follow the naked feet.

Blake spoke and then we headed on our short walk to Aviator Nation and celebrated the day with music and Veev and JJ Banicki!

Why would you want to dirty your feet? Or risk stepping in glass?  Or risk getting a gnarly foot disease?

I did it for 3 reasons –

1 – The inspirational Blake Mycoskie. When you look up to someone you want to do what they do right…? You support them, learn from them, and take off your shoes with them.

When Blake volunteered at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation events I planned in my first job out of school,  I knew he would do big things but I never thought he would create this worldwide movement.

2 – TOMS Shoes –  Blake’s company is helping barefoot kids around the world and giving them happy feet.  With every pair of TOMS purchased, TOMS gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need.  One for One.

I wanted to feel a part of that aside from buying the shoes that I already loved to wear:)

3 – Venice – I needed a good excuse to head to the other side of LA.  The relaxed, serene side and why not feel the ground there with my own bare feet?

Why should you try the barefootsy?

  • It’s a reminder how lucky we are.  There millions of kids in developing countries who pick up diseases and infection on their feet and some can’t even go to school because they don’t have the shoes that are part of their required uniform.  No education all because of shoes!  I posted some statistics below.
  • Walking around barefoot is freeing.
  • You get a warm fuzzy for doing something good.

Realization: As I listened to Blake talk about the kids, their shoe drops and his company’s mission, I was inspired to want to do more, give back, and think big.

Your Moment: What can you now until the next One Day Without Shoes?

Go support the cause and buy some TOMS or go grassroot, and make your own day without shoes and feel the grass on your barefeet.
– – More than 400 million kids are at risk of hookworm and other debilitating parasites that enter the body through the soles of (bare) feet.

– – In Ethiopia alone, more than 11 million people are at risk of podoconiosis, a foot and leg disease that is 100% preventable with shoes and regular washing

– – Despite hundreds of millions of kids being exposed to soil-transmitted diseases, many of these diseases are categorized as “neglected” – they just don’t get enough attention or funding.

– – In Guatemala, our giving partner SANA is pairing TOMS shoes with de-worming education and de-worming drugs – prevention + treatment together!

– – We are now  advocating for podo awareness on a global stage. Recently had AMAZING confirmation from the World Health Organization that they are going to profile podo on their website for the FIRST TIME EVER!

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