Lakers Moment – “Go to a Laker’s playoff game! I’ll take you!”
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Lakers Moment – “Go to a Laker’s playoff game! I’ll take you!”

Inspired Moment: “You’ve got to see a Laker’s playoff game! I’ll take you to GAME 2!”

We drank Bud Light, watched from our box suite, and wandered the stadium with our all access passes.  It doesn’t get any better than this on Sunday Funday!

This was my favorite costume by far!  Guess Who?  My favorite Laker Fan and the man who loves a great costume – David Arquette!

My Nerdtainment and quote of the day –

Overheard: “Phil Jackson is 48-0 in winning playoffs when the first game is a win!”

This quote is what helped heal the wounds of our loss.

Here’s me and JJ later on that evening – I didn’t lose my Laker pride as I went from game to JJ’s play to the MTV After Party!

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