Sh*t My Grandma Says – #17

It’s a Wonderful life with Grandma Banicki 5 reasons I want to be like Grandma…..exemplified this Christmas: 1. Grandma makes you feel good. I walked through Mom and Dad’s door – home for the holiday, no makeup, and bloated from the plane.  “Angela, oh my gosh. You look so pretty. You’ve lost weight. You’re so […]

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Adam Banicki-#18

Adam Banicki is master #18 -the Doc Master. Adam is the littlest Banicki and yet the biggest too. 24 years young, Adam stands at 6’4. Spending the last three days with Adam, I’ve noticed that we seem to be reversing roles at an alarming rate. I was always the workaholic nerd of the family: Geek. Book […]

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Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”

Destination: HOME. Brokeback Bloomington – Actually Normal, IL (or is it?) Inspiration: Mom Banicki booked my flight  from LA to Chicago back in November when I kept extending my Australia trip. Actualization: Christmas Eve at the Banicki’s is always entertaining.  This year the comedy comes from the dogs and Grandma…sometimes a combination of both. Brother […]

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Lil Jon moment: “Drink till you passout”

Toolie Weekend in the small town of Lorne (they call kids on summer break schoolies down under….and then there are those older chaps who celebrate like schoolies…toolies-my mates for the weekend.

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