Helicopter/Camille Guaty moment

Not only was Camille Guaty the reason I was on the island of St Lucia (Camille Guaty became Camille Kaye this weekend), but she also gave us the incredible idea to take a helicopter ride to the airport! Rather than squeeze into a sweaty, odd-smelling cab for an hour long ride with a crazy St […]

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David Porzio: “Ride the horses on the beach.  You’ll get to ride  them into the water.” I met David Porzio the weekend before St Lucia when I was in the Caribbean on a boat full of 1000 of the most entrepreneurial minds in the world for Summit at Sea. I left that weekend so inspired by […]

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Coachella Moments

We had decided Coachella is run by stoners…..

-Page literally walked past 4 gates and into VIP with no ticket and without a single person asking her to see her pass.

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