Rachel Krupa Moment
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Rachel Krupa Moment

Destination: XIV, Los Angeles CA

Inspiration: Rachel Krupa’s Birthday

Actualization: Here is my top XIV from the night –

1- Rachel Krupa turns 30 and the dinner table was long to fit her many friends.  We were surrounded by bookcases.  I prefer to describe the top dinner moments with a few references to CLUE. Without a murderer but perhaps a boozer?  Rachel was the sexy flirtatious Miss Scarlett in her tiara with a lemon martini to start.

Miss Scarlett

2- Who was Professor Plum? “A simple, intelligent man and good-natured at heart, but he likes to steal his own things?” I think this may have to go to Michael Kives who sat next to Rachel but would not be the culprit because he was watching his booze consumption and seemed to be watching Miss Scarlett herself. Is he trying to make her the booziest?

Professor Plum

3- The mini dishes they kept bringing were just additional clues.  Who would eat to control the booze OR to allow them to booze more?

4- Luke was Mr. Green, the Trickster who has known Rachel since her youthful days in Michigan. I saw him eyeing those Patron shots Miss Brooke was tossing back.

Mr. Green

5- I sat next to Chris Huvane, Colonel Mustard, with his entertaining adventuresome stories; every story topping the next and usually a juxtaposition. From the upscale Jewish Wedding he attended in NYC to the fight with the Russians on Fairfax Ave. Colonel Mustard Chris, just keep speaking your mind and drink up.

Colonel Mustard

6- Naan bread with the yogurt sauce that had a hint of mint julep to which Chris said, “Get in there Angie. Smother that yogurt. More. More.” Colonel Mustard Chris, did you just order another bottle of Ojai Pinot Noir?

7- Nicole Perna (seated on other side of me): “Listen if your friend wants to diarrhea all over you in an email then you need to diarrhea right back at her!” Would Miss Peacock be the newly single minx boozing her way to find a bad romance?

Miss Peacock

8- The Vegetarian Falafel Burger that Nicole/Miss Peacock made them bring for me, Mrs. White.  Was that because she thought I had drank too much?  I was just the housekeeper.

Miss White

9- Rachel, Miss Scarlet, likes the fries.  She may win.

10- Was that a wrench Miss Peacock just stuck in my side to stop drinking?  She must have stolen it from the kitchen. I am losing steam but that flirtatious Scarlet is not!

11-12-13-3 bottles of Ojai Pinot Noir.  A game of Clue isn’t the same without them, and then of course the candlestick of a birthday cake they brought out from the kitchen.  Miss Scarlett said it was flavored white chocolate.

14- A night out with Rachel and her cast of character friends is always fun and I am accusing her to be the birthday boozer in the XIV dining room.

Realization: Whether its a candlestick in the dining room or a birthday dinner at XIV, take a clue and make friends who will play games with you…even when you are 30! Happy Birthday Rachel Krupa!

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