Keith Rivers Moment: “Go on a Hollywood Star Tour”
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Keith Rivers Moment: “Go on a Hollywood Star Tour”

Destination: Hollywood Starline Tourbus

Inspiration: Keith Rivers from the Cincinnati Bengals, “Go on a hollywood star tour!”

When Janae called to say we were going on the star tour for her next 30 before 30 moment, we both knew we were in for some laughs and quite an experience….

For 2 hours we were going on Mission Sightsee LA!

For 2 hours we were going to ride on a bus and hear about the town we’d been living in for  years.

For 2 hours we were going to see where celebrities lived. ha.

You laugh.  That’s your inspiring moment?

Try it.  I dare you. Rewind the clocks and experience LA through newcomer’s eyes.

Janae brought along 5 cute boys who made Mission Sightsee LA 30 times more fun – Tom Tom, Tony, Geordie, Ben and Jesse, we’ll call them The Entertainers.

Here are some highlights of what we learned and why we laughed –

  • David – our bus driver. David had a heavy Boston accent and was Mission Sightsee LA oozing of Cheeeese.  The Entertainers teased him but he was half the fun!
  • We rode on a topless van and heard about the places where we lived and worked and visited – our hometown. The Entertainers provided the best commentary. There’s the Rock&Roll Ralphs –  it’s the meat market of singles grocery shopping in LA.
  • Landord! Will Ferrell and Orlando Bloom are neighbors!  Do you think the landlord has ever paid Orlando a visit?
  • “Anyone know Phil Collins? You might remember his song “take me home” – well I just took you to his home!” – Driver David
  • In Beverly Hills, go to Roxbury Street above sunset!  “A lot of famous people used to live here but they’re all dead now so we call this celebrity row.  Remember Elvis?…..dead.  the guy from BH Hillbillies….dead.  Diane Keaton….not dead.”
  • Driver David got excited and told a british passenger, ” Did you see that the girl with the rack jogging was wearing a London T shirt?”
  • In Bel Air David said very matter of factly “Guys, that person on the corner is going to wave to you now.”(lady waves)  “That was not a woman – it was a man.”  Ok Boston. It was clearly a woman.
  • There’s Tom Cruise’s home back there. You can’t really see.  He keeps it private……
  • “This is David Beckham’s house.  One time I saw Posh walk down the driveway.”  Driver David stops on the street next to the Beckham driveway. We all look at DD then at the mailbox then at DD..all this for a good 15 seconds. Someone really likes the Beckhams.

Sightsee tour Moment- check. Mission completed- check. Inspired – check.

We laughed.
We were reminded of some of the greatest talents who lived.
We were reminded of our first experiences in LA and how far we’ve come…how much we’ve achieve and what we plan to achieve.

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