Audrina Patridge moment: “Hiii…. When I was in sydney we took a cruise around the harbor which is beautiful and also went to bondi beach and had lunch at iceberg which was amazing!!!!”

I haven’t even made the boat yet. I’m sitting here at the airport trying not to cry. I can’t really because everyone’s laughing at me. I’m wearing a santa hat I got at Sluttingham Palace last night. Slutttingham palace was described to me by a 22-year old girl as a place “owned by 3 old guys (um 35) who had parties to get girls.” She also thought I was 24. I’m thinking it was the hat, so I’ll keep it on and be 24.

6 mins read

Mehcad Brooks moment: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”.

When I saw Mehcad on screen and heard the Aussies loved him, we figured it might not be a bad idea to ask for a moment. Mehcad said: “Try some Morton Bay Bugs…like lobster but better”. I thought I was being played, until I read it a 2nd time aloud sitting with Master Chef Sophie Cookes, who said, “Oh yeah. Moreton Bay bugs are DELICIOUS!” And when Sophie talks food with her strong Melbourne accent and authoritative nature, you just believe her. She’s a comic foodie for sure.

2 mins read

MC Hammer: “Hammertime at Billboard. 9pm tonight.”

Ben Schwerin, my well-traveled friend, always seems to send me to people who end up staying in my life no matter what country they are in, so when Ben said I should meet his friend Max Markson from Sydney I knew I had to get to it. Lucky for me Max happened to be in Melbourne with MC Hammer at the same time I was there for my quick stint.

3 mins read

Joel Madden Moment

I kind of happened upon Joel’s moment yesterday which made it even more fun. That morning I searched for a game to attend and realized the football season for 09 was up. Went for my now routine run for the day and happened upon a trifecta of sport’s arenas and decided it was time to get creative for a moment. 😉

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