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El Salvador Nighto Three-o

We got shot in the dark in El Salvador.  There were guns. For real! Kind of! The night came arrived with the surf and sunset and turned to scores and then storms-well not really.  The score of the Jets/Patriots futbal playoff game was 28-21. With 1 minute and 20 seconds left – power out. What? Yup. No tv. No lights. No shower. No food. No bueno. What […]


El Salvador dia tres

Day three in El Salvador, and workday two, is best described by my favorite Latin musician and numero uno girl crush – Shakira. She was a bonding point for me and the kids – her song LOCA was our common language. I’m not talking about this part… “Sigo tranquila Like I’m on a beach in Anguilla Sippin’ on Corona Like it’s nothin’ goin’ on” Oh, […]


El salvador noche numero dos

It all started with: “Yeah Angie get the Tequila Lorena with me!” –Chelsey “Then can we go swim in the ocean??!!” I begged. Ten minutes later, after dehydration from sweating our cahonas off at work and having had 2 Lorenas(a drink our friend Lorena created at Casa De Mar-tequila, grapefruit, lemon and soda)…now definitely the most ordered drink at the hotel. Chelsey and I had […]


El Salvador dos dia

Our first workday with One Kid One World and Glasswing International in El Salvador was basically Camp “Helping Kids Helps Us.” We drove the Adult Short Bus down the dusty dirt road, passing trucks with fenced sides holding young men -more like boys – crammed in the back, heading to work I assume. We passed cows and pigs and little huts that seemed like we […]


El Salvador- Day 1

Picked up by Celina Desola,our host who started Glasswing-the organization we are raising money for in El Salvador, we took a mini party bus to Teopan…a private island that is on a lake of the crater of an inactive Volcano. Stop 1 – coconut water! Real coconut water with chunks of the coconut “meat.” No, Martin, that’s what they call it. Save the penis joke. […]


Inspiring Pete Huyck – El Salvador Trip

Why am I going to El Salvador? Pete Huyck introduced me to OneKidOneWorld. Here’s the email Pete sent out to his friends- So, I’m going to go on a trip to El Salvador in January with a group called One Kid One World. It’s an amazing organization that raises money for schools in impoverished communities in Kenya and El Salvador, in addition to bringing groups of volunteers […]



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