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30 Before 30 Web Series!

We want to capture the most inspiring travel moments for you to see!  First up France!  Send me your favorite spot, special memory, or inspiring travel tale in France. You can send via my contact section on this site or by tweeting @30before30 !


My Big Fat Indian Wedding Crash

Ann Ogunsulire: “Hey Angie, world traveler – want to come to India next week?”   Me: “Ha I actually just said last week that I want to go to a traditional Indian Wedding before I die.” Ann: “It’s a sign.  I’m going for a wedding and I have a plus one.  It’s in Goa. You should come.” Me: “I couldn’t do that…or could I….?”   […]


The Adventures of Betty White the Blog Dog

Sundance’s first furry socialite will prance her poodle paws into gifting suites, events and local ski lifts at the film festival this year. Betty White the Official Blog Dog of the Sundance Film Festival unleashes in Park City, UT on January 19, 2012. Check out Betty White’s bitchin’ blog here: – Betty White the Swag Dog does gifting suites – Betty White Snow White […]


Betty White and Our Idiot Brother

After watching the movie Our Idiot Brother, I’ve come to a few conclusions:  – It’s super trendy to name your dog after a celebrity – first AND last name of course. The older the better.  Idiot bro’s dog is Willie Nelson.  – I’m going to try and be more like idiot sister. Happy and high is when you get the job and life you want. […]


Mom and Dad Banicki send me to Joshua Tree for Inspiration!

Sending me to Joshua Tree to get back my writing hand was genius – with a big fat genie in a bottle genius.


El Salvador- Day 1

Picked up by Celina Desola,our host who started Glasswing-the organization we are raising money for in El Salvador, we took a mini party bus to Teopan…a private island that is on a lake of the crater of an inactive Volcano. Stop 1 – coconut water! Real coconut water with chunks of the coconut “meat.” No, Martin, that’s what they call it. Save the penis joke. […]


30/30/30 Eliza Dushku’s Birthday Wish for her Mom!

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