Jay Lavender moment: “Get down to Tazmania and visit the spectacular Barnbougle Dunes Golf Course”

Jay Lavender, exemplifies inspiration for me. I got Jay’s email describing Richard Sattler’s Barnbougle dunes and booked my flight to Tasmania the next day. I hadn’t planned on visiting Taz…but since my favorite moments involve a good story and good people, I knew this was a “not-to-miss!” Jay, THE BREAKUP’s screenwriter, is currently working on a golf movie (MISSING LINKS) with Steve Carell. You’ll see from his note why I wanted to be here.

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Chelsea Handler moment: “Camille Guaty, “Go see Chelsea’s show when she goes down under!””

After finding out that I had surprise backstage meet-and-greet with Pearl Jam that I missed due to flight miscommunications (well we’ll call them that!), I wasn’t about to miss Chelsea and Chuey too! So when I arrived at destination Fox, 25 minutes late and found out I was at the wrong studio, nothing was stopping me from finding a way across town.

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Kevin Nealon moment: “I visited Sydney about 18 mos. ago. Take a ride on any ferry in the harbor, get off at the zoo and ride the gondola. Congrats!”

I forgot that the weather from Melbourne always travels to Sydney and so the cool trickles from my Lorne weekend settled on sydney. No surfing for me, but sprinkles and wind were okay when spending time with smelly animals in the weeds of the zoo. Also to offset the somber mood of a cloudy day, being on the water in the ferry made me happy.

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Markus Anderson moment: “7) Feed the cockatoos at dusk in Centennial park (a loaf of bread will do!)”

His number one thing for me to do in Sydney was meet Gilda. Gilda is amazing. Gilda, her best friend, sister and I drank wine, ate pizza, and talked about boys and travel last night. You cant beat that for a Monday night. It was exactly what I needed. The way Gilda talks about family reminds me a lot of how I feel about mine. She’s the oldest like me. She’s crazy fun, works super hard, and cares a lot about her family.

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Lil Jon moment: “Drink till you passout”

Toolie Weekend in the small town of Lorne (they call kids on summer break schoolies down under….and then there are those older chaps who celebrate like schoolies…toolies-my mates for the weekend.

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Max Cooke moment: “I want a moment. How do I get one?”

Max is a character. Pure genius. He walks like a little boy, and cant talk without smiling. He’s the guy who always has an opinion and always wants it heard. Janae didn’t even touch on the character that was Max and I’m sure I wont either, but if you can find a way spend a car ride with Max, you’ve got to do it. We got to do it with his friend Steph who drove us for my Lil Jon moment in Lorne.

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Kanye West moment: “Definitely eating kangaroo in Sydney…..making Kanye West and i do wind sprints up and down at the opera house stairs.”

Everyone needs a Harley Pasternak to tip them off when they travel. I remember when I was sitting on the bike next to Harley and he told me he was leaving for Australia because Kanye wanted a trainer for a few days. I like when inspiration gives me a kick in the butt.

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Dax Shepard moment: “Hey pal. I just remembered I didn’t tell you what I did in Australia…”.

Mission Dax Bats started at the Opera House which was a whole challenge in itself. I actually ran around the gardens last week but definitely not through them and I’m not sure if I had I would’ve thought to look up to see the bats. When we got to the Opera House the area was being overtaken by Australian Idol (P.S. dying to have someone send me on that moment).

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Robin Williams moment: “You should go to Palm Beach but be careful of the sea creatures.”

CAA’s David Bugliari and Rick Kurtzman made me Daughter of the month! These two power agents on team Robin Williams arranged for Mom and Dad Banicki to go backstage and meet Robin Williams when he did standup this past weekend in Illinois. I still cant believe they made it happen for the Banickis. We are a lucky bunch.

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