Rachel Moraldo moment: “Come to Boston for the Children’s Hospital Boston Walk!”

NSTAR’s Walk for Children’s Hospital Boston held along Charles River on Sunday in Boston, Mass.

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Lakers Moment – “Go to a Laker’s playoff game! I’ll take you!”

Inspired Moment: “You’ve got to see a Laker’s playoff game! I’ll take you to GAME 2!” We drank Bud Light, watched from our box suite, and wandered the stadium with our all access passes.  It doesn’t get any better than this on Sunday Funday! This was my favorite costume by far!  Guess Who?  My favorite […]

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Adonis Hernandez moment: “Do you need a ride home?”

We don’t always think about it but we rely on our late night cab driver for a lot: locate stop for snacks, locate the after party, locate home and get us there safely even if we are dozing off, and in the case of Friday night – help us locate important belongings.

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Team Oakley Moment: “Are you ready to go racecar driving?”

Team Oakley Moment: “Are you ready to go racecar driving?”

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Keyshawn Johnson moment: “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”

He’s got vision. He’s a businessman. He’s smart. And after meeting him, he’s no doubt a character.

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CAA double agent Moment: “The number 10 tennis player in the world, Fernando Verdasco, is in LA this weekend. What events should we send him to?”

I couldn’t resist bringing this one back. Congrats Fernando on winning the Barcelona Open!

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Coachella Moments

We had decided Coachella is run by stoners…..

-Page literally walked past 4 gates and into VIP with no ticket and without a single person asking her to see her pass.

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Rewind and Recap-What is 30 Before 30?

I want to show how you can create a 30 Before 30 or even an 80 Before 80 – like Grandpa T. A passion project to help you get through troubled times or just make some fun out of life….and show it doesn’t have to be in Europe:)

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