Mom Banicki: “I booked your flight from LAX to Chicago for Christmas”

Destination: HOME. Brokeback Bloomington – Actually Normal, IL (or is it?) Inspiration: Mom Banicki booked my flight  from LA to Chicago back in November when I kept extending my Australia trip. Actualization: Christmas Eve at the Banicki’s is always entertaining.  This year the comedy comes from the dogs and Grandma…sometimes a combination of both. Brother […]

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Donald Sutherland Moment: “Keep an eye peeled for the salt water crocodile; they go out to the reef to mate and then they lie on the beaches on shore and pretend they’re a log until you sit on one and they eat you….”

Destination: Great Barrier Reef Inspiration: Donald Sutherland.  Need I say more? Donald Sutherland “the Great Barrier Reef? If that’s where you’ll be go out in the water on a boat to the ‘Potato Hole’. Just from the boat, without even going in, you can see more fish than you can imagine. But swim. Dive. Even […]

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Scott Stuber moment: Erica Cornwall – “We are going to the gym to sweat it out….then onto Scott Stuber’s holiday party”

Erica and I lose track of time on the precore at Equinox laughing and telling stories from the night before. 90 minutes later, covered in sweat, and stomach sore from laughing while running, we are like new again. Ready to toxify yet again.

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Audrina Patridge moment: “Hiii…. When I was in sydney we took a cruise around the harbor which is beautiful and also went to bondi beach and had lunch at iceberg which was amazing!!!!”

I haven’t even made the boat yet. I’m sitting here at the airport trying not to cry. I can’t really because everyone’s laughing at me. I’m wearing a santa hat I got at Sluttingham Palace last night. Slutttingham palace was described to me by a 22-year old girl as a place “owned by 3 old guys (um 35) who had parties to get girls.” She also thought I was 24. I’m thinking it was the hat, so I’ll keep it on and be 24.

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James Franco moment: “Brisbane. The beach or the hippy place where you can see whales. Forget the name”

It’s not whale season, you say? Who cares? Tell me to see whales and I’ll show you whales. James Franco moment turns Mission Pineapple Express in Brisbane. As you read the below, note some fav quotes from the movie and how they paralleled our trip. Except we don’t have pot to use as an excuse.

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Yvonne Strahovski moment: “Go to GOVINDAS, a weird & awesome movie room where u lay on cushions to watch movies and before u see the movie, u eat vegetarian Hindu food. Its rad!”

The first time I tried to make this moment, I got lost in the city walking everywhere BUT the actual street Govindas was on. I’ve realized , and this is NO EXAGGERATION, the Aussies always WANT to help but literally 9 times out of 10 make up the answer to your question and HOPE that they might be right. Not kidding. It’s happened at least 27 times now.

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Jerry O’Connell moment: “Angie go to “The Establishment” (Although it’s been 8 years since I’ve been there) super cool Sushi upstairs, bar downstairs and club in the basement.”

After my facial, I felt unstoppable and decided to go with the momentum of my productive day. So despite my oily hair and no makeup I started walking back towards town. Next stop, one of Jerry O’Connell’s favorites from the time he spent in Sydney working on KANGAROO JACK! The Establishment still had quite the business despite the fact it had been a while since Jerry was there.

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Alice Eisenberg and Maggie Gyllenhaal moment: “The best skincare and she is a sweetie, tell her I sent you, go and get a facial and try her products!”

In no shape to be going for a facial, I was making the moment. If you remember my last attempt in Sydney, I got lost on a run and missed the appointment. So 2 glasses of Rose were not holding me back. It took only a cab, bus, walk, and bus again to get there.

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