Keyshawn Johnson moment: “Hang with me for drinks. On Montana.”

He’s got vision. He’s a businessman. He’s smart. And after meeting him, he’s no doubt a character.

3 mins read

CAA double agent Moment: “The number 10 tennis player in the world, Fernando Verdasco, is in LA this weekend. What events should we send him to?”

I couldn’t resist bringing this one back. Congrats Fernando on winning the Barcelona Open!

1 min read

Coachella Moments

We had decided Coachella is run by stoners…..

-Page literally walked past 4 gates and into VIP with no ticket and without a single person asking her to see her pass.

6 mins read

Rewind and Recap-What is 30 Before 30?

I want to show how you can create a 30 Before 30 or even an 80 Before 80 – like Grandpa T. A passion project to help you get through troubled times or just make some fun out of life….and show it doesn’t have to be in Europe:)

3 mins read

Teri Hatcher Moment

Teri Hatcher, “I have a surprise for egg decorating. See you at the cafe.”

2 mins read